22 August 2016


The team’s expertise

The “ultrasound” team consists currently of 2 Professors (Patrice Masson, Nicolas Quaegebeur), a research associate (Jeremy Moriot) and 5 to 10 graduate students.

The team is essentially financed by the Research Council natural sciences and engineering (NSERC), the Quebec fund research on nature and technologies (FRQNT) and contract research with academic and industrial partners (Bombardier Aerospace, Defence Research and Development Canada, L-3 MAS, Olympus NDT, CRIAQ-Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec, Abzac Canada, Pragma NDT, Ungava. Tech, EXO-S, Valmet, GL & V, Niedner, Pfizer).

The expertise of the “ultrasound” team is built on more than 10 years of experience in the areas of the control Non-Destructif (CND), the embedded structure monitoring (SHM), the control of quality of industrial processes and in biomedical applications collaboration with research teams from the center of clinical research of the Hospital of the University of Sherbrooke (CRC-CHUS). Research topics include:

  • Embedded structures (Structural Health Monitoring) of aerospace components and civilian monitoring using ultrasonic guided waves (GW).
  • design and the manufacturing of transducers for the measurement and the generation of ultrasonic waves
  • development of algorithms of Imaging for networks of sensors with applications in medical imaging, CND and SHM.
  • generation and measurement without contact of ultrasonic waves (vibration laser coupling air probes).
  • design of electronic systems shipped for inspection by ultrasound.
  • use of ultrasonic power for industrial processes.



  • Vibration Laser scan 3D – Polytec PSV-3D-500
  • Phased-array – Verasonics 128 Channels acquisition system / Pragma NDT 128:128
  • High-Frequency acquisition boards – National Instrument or PXI FPGA cards
  • Ultrasound amplifiers – E & I 400 W / TREK 2100 HF / Musilab au-8400
  • Immersion basin – ONDA AIMS III
  • Air-coupled probes – CANOE therapy
  • Probes UT – PA – 2D / 3D
  • Standard c – 500 kHz to 20 MHz probes
  • Hydrophone – Onda HN500
  • Machining laser – LPKF Protolaser U3 station