7 May 2016


GAUS labs have various equipments mainly intended for acoustics and vibration measurements, with corresponding acquisition systems and electronics. You will find below a succinct and non-exhaustive list of the GAUS equipments :


  • Scanning laser vibrometer, 1D up to 1MHz, 3D up to 1MHz
  • Various force sensors and accelerometers (monoaxial and triaxial), impedance heads
  • Electrodynamic shakers (force excitation up to 100 lbf )
  • Impact hammers
  • Vibration calibrators


  • Various measurement microphones (1/2″, 1/4″, high pressure levels, surface microphones)
  • 196 microphones B&K array, and 96 microphones custom built array
  • Impedance tubes
  • Acoustic manikin with various pinnae, binaural microphone
  • Various acoustic sources (including omnidirectionnal)
  • Sound level meters and intensity probes
  • Acoustic pressure calibrators


  • Phased array facilities (Omniscan MX-16:64)
  • High voltage ultrasonic amplifier (ProduitSon)
  • Contact probes


  • B&K Pulse systems, up to 196 channels
  • NI PXI 32 Inputs/32 Outputs (100 MHz)
  • Custom built systems from 8 to 96 channels, using high-end audio components
  • OPAL-RT stations for control simulation and prototyping
  • LMS TestLab 8 channels
  • Head acoustics SQuadriga II 6 channels
  • Various signal generators, oscilloscopes and 2-channel FFT analyzers

 Other equipments

  • Laser micromachining system
  • Various specific softwares for finite element analysis, vibroacoustic modelling, sound quality analysis (VAOne, FEMAP, NASTRAN, Artemis…)
  • Access to Mammouth supercomputer
  • Tools, materials and electronics for piezoelectric sensors/actuators development
  • X-ray microtomograph
  • Environmental chamber
  • 3D optical digitizer